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Mr. Shields, in Katy and Houston Texas, currently provides oil & gas consultancy services through Morgan Shields LLC, where he advises LNG, natural gas and midstream market fundamentals, commercial negotiations, deal & company structuring, commercial best practices, risk management, and strategies to private equity, debt holders, and executive management of exporters, producers, midstream, utility and industrial companies.

Mr. Shields has consulted and worked for 7 LNG companies. Recently, he kick-started an LNG client’s strategic energy planning, enterprise risk management, and its equity capital raise, and he originated long-term gas supply, pipeline, and LNG offtake contract negotiations.  His efforts resulted in 1) an MOU-proposal for a reverse merger into a public company, 2) innovative structure enabling LNG buyers to immediately contract long-term for alternate commodity pricing, 3) advanced pipeline and LNG offtake negotiations with investment-grade companies, and 4) world class website and slide deck content.

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Mr. Shields graduated with Distinction from Pennsylvania State University with Honors in Finance and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, one of the nation’s top business schools.

He launched his career as a senior financial analyst and operations auditor at Exxon Corporation over twenty-five years ago where he streamlined global commodity contracts, international crude trading, and supported the company’s multi-billion-dollar operations. Following Exxon, Mr. Shields traded structured natural gas transactions with Sonat Energy Marketing. He was identified in 1996 by Enron Capital & Trade as a valuable resource to develop a new, long-term structured origination group where he transformed several strategic business units during his four years with Enron.  These successes included natural gas, power and other value propositions, the largest of which entailed an international derivatives deal which contributed $10 million to the company’s gross margin.

In 2005, Mr. Shields was recruited by AGL Resources, a large retail/wholesale natural gas distribution operation. He valued and negotiated critical gas storage agreements at Jefferson Island Storage and Hub. He also participated in optimizing its peaking natural gas infrastructure development, deploying LNG peaking, and successfully negotiated key multi-commodity joint ventures. Given Mr. Shields experiences in the energy industry, he transitioned seamlessly to an executive position as Vice President of Repsol Energy North America. Over the course of his career at Repsol, Mr. Shields assisted in the company’s entry and growth into the North American natural gas markets. Along with his team, Mr. Shields structured, valued, and negotiated the international binding agreement to supply 100% of the required LNG to the $1.2 billion Canaport LNG regasification import facility. Additionally, he created the strategic and marketing plans and executed long-term structured regasification contracts with natural gas utilities, consortiums, and power plants.

In 2010, Mr. Shields advanced to Managing Director for Enserco Energy, a subsidiary of Black Hills Corporation, where he formed and grew the East Natural Gas Origination & Trading Group. While developing Enserco Energy’s North American strategy and successfully originating and negotiating a company acquisition, Mr. Shields executed two highly structured seven-year $307 million deals connecting natural gas supply, midstream, storage, and transportation with independent power plants, contributing $7.5 million to gross margin.
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Mr. Shields served on the Board of Directors of Oasis Bank SSB, Houston, Texas, a business he co-founded in 2005. The co-founders achieved over $13 million in capital raise, and Mr. Shields served as the Chairman of the Mergers & Acquisitions and Asset & Liability Committees. His team successfully merged the bank in December 2012 with Spirit of Texas Bank, now nearly a $1 billion bank.
In addition to his professional pursuits, Mr. Shields currently serves on the Katy Independent School District Bond Advisory Committee.  He has obtained his Security Licenses Series 6/63 and Insurance Licenses. Mr. Shields is a U.S. Army active duty veteran, achieved the rank of Captain, led a finance platoon, and trained officer candidates.  In his free time, he enjoys piloting his family to remote destinations for vacations and offers occasional flight instruction as a certified flight instructor (CFI/CFII) and commercial, instrument-rated pilot.
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